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Dream Of Missing Cat

My two cats went missing about 10 days ago, and another one went missing 3 months ago, they were from the same litter and their mother died 6 months ago.

I was extremely close to the mother cat Coco she was like my best friend. After her passing I became more close to her kittens, giving them extra attention and I felt they were all like my babies.

Three nights ago I started to dream about their return, in the the dream they were just laying in their bed cuddling each other like they normally would’ve and the most affectionate one comes up to me in the dream for me to pick him up. I was wondering if this is a sign they have passed.

I’m so devastated I can hardly handle each day, it feels so empty at home. My neighbours threatened to kill our cats because they would wander to their yard at night.

I would like some closure so I’m not sure whether to be hopeful of their return or to accept they probably won’t be coming back. I want them to know how much we love and care about them.

Asked by Ange

Dream Of Missing Cat

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