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Demon Problems How Can I Make Him Leave?

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My question is to those who are particularly experienced in a field of demonology. I have demon problems throughout my life. Problem is complex and involve many issues some of which began since by birth or maybe even before. I have been exorcised years ago, which took care of some, but not the main one.

Recently, I came across a book of Roman Catholic Priest who happens to be exorcist. There is a special prayer he published in book which Catholic Exorcists use. Bible said anyone who drives out demons in Jesus name can do it… technically.

I am so tired to live like this… This demon exhausted me to death. LITERALLY. I am thinking of exorcising myself. Or how else I can make him leave?

I know, doesn’t sound good. But finding exorcist these days almost impossible. Generally, they do it in exceptional cases “proven and documented”. Although, it’s Churches job, they are not readily offer scarify themselves for a stranger, which I can understand. I saw some other “specialists”. They wouldn’t dare… This is a very strong, “scary” demon as they all say.

The reality, I am completely lonely… with a demon to “watch over me”. I avoid people, because firstly, I feel being different in so many ways. No one knows about this dark secret that accompany me all the time. Some people can see… They are so scared… of me with a BEING! They think I am a witch… But I am an innocent victim!

Other problem… good man can’t approach me without BIG consequences afterwards for them. Especially those who really like me. I live in a prison and I want out.

I have strong faith. It’s came with experience rather than with religious culture. I am not possessed, but oppressed severely. Ultimately, all my extended family have been suffering from supernatural evil as long as I remember. Could be different demons involved as well, but THEY DONT BELIEVE IN DEMONS OR GOD!

Any advice?

Asked by Tanya


  1. January 12, 2015 at 11:51 pm



    Dear Tanya
    I have placed some details, on my first reply. I have studied Daemonology for some time, but I would not place myself has a daemonologist or demonologist!
    I have understood the details and information. daemons are a different entity altogether, and cannot and will not host anyone, unless something they want to have. It is a rare event for daemons to haunt homes, or people. There are other entities which I described. Nasties are one between the lower and upper realms of this dimension. They have to be invited to host a place, and also event, i.e rituals, which open portals and etc.

    Darkco(SG) NOT Demonologist, but have studied the True Daemonology in Classical sense…….

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    Hello Tanya,
    I am not a demonologist, so the only advice I am going to give you is this; you asked for a demonologist and that is the first person who responded to you. Check her out. Her name is highlighted unlike the rest of us because if you click it, it will take you to her website. In her personal description, one of here credentials is demonologist. So, from that point on, I think you know who’s advice to take. May you find Peace and the assistance you seek. Luna

  3. January 10, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Nathaniel G. Gann


    I have had the same problem since birth. It torments me as I sleep every year in October. And gets physical while I sleep. I wake up wearing a different outfit every time. And sometimes I will wake up somewhere else,or holding an object. hen I see him, he either takes a hooded figure, or a somewhat feminine fogure. During the day, I get short visions and I see what I think is him. Always standing somewhere near me in places I’ve seen before. You may not find this useful but understand that you are NOT alone. I attempted to draw what I saw, if you want to see ask here and Ama will pass my email address to you privately. I’m not catholic or babtist. so please don’t pray for me. I know of the true creator and if you want get rid of this spirit for good, pray to him. I can email you his wonderful name.

  4. October 26, 2014 at 12:49 am



    …hey Tanya…

    …i would like to give yooh a little piece of advise and i hope yooh will truly take it to heart…

    …stop listening to so many others on what they think is inside yooh…yooh lable it a ‘demon’ only because yooh were taught to by others and their misguided ways…remember a simple fact tanya,”its takes all kinds to make the world go around”…and simply put…yooh are of a different kind…

    …Tanya…negative does attract negative…so the more yooh fight and rebel it the more yooh will juss live in dispare of it…discover who yooh are inside and make aceptance of that and once yooh do your life on this world will change for the better…

    …there are others that feel as yooh do also…i went through my own battles too…since as young as i could remember i never ever felt like i fit into this world…i felt different from others…became a loner…and the story goes on…but one day…when i was older my true self was shown to me with a image in the mirror…it scared me so damn much that i avoided mirrors for years after that…only cause i didnt want to accept what i had seen…i began living in my own woman made hell…so the short of this is…ive accepted my ‘demon’ and i know i am not like the majority…but hey…being unique is actually a gift…and i am with the love of my life and yes…he is like me…and we are happy…

    …remember Tanya…your external human form isnt who yooh are…that comes from within yooh…so make piece with yourself and be who yooh are and then yooh will find your path to walk on…

    …dark blessings…


  5. October 25, 2014 at 8:04 pm



    hi Tanya

    Maybe this will help. Everyone on this planet has a special gift or another. Demons or Daemons has the word is called, are entities of higher and lower realms of spiritual worlds, they never attack but attach to the person, and feed on emotions, and also the link of the family ancestors. In many words, there is something not right, but in the general, everyone has a shell, some have guardians, some even have terrible links of these realms. Exorcists, are not the answer. Because they cause rifts, in the spiritual realms, they believe it have helping, but really, they are causing more problems, in some words, passing them has nasty demons, and then passing it has the devil him self. Well, there is entities out there, some are more nasty than others, mainly there are 12 forms of these, and I would say, you have non of them. I believe it is shell of your being, which is not rooted yet, it causing problems, and this must be addressed. Are a person who, thinks to much, and does not believe in yourself, or anything which you want to do, and you think twice, and its to late to do it. This maybe some of problems. Everyone I met with some problem like yours. Some individuals have different events and etc. And go to church to try to understand it, in other words, try to understand yourself, and try to strengthen your whole being. Then you will conquer this, and find out, its other side of you wanting to get out.

    You may have a gift, which eats negative energies, but you must learn how to cope with it, and how to keep away from your normal life.

    If you want to know more information. Please do not be afraid to ask.


    Dark Blessings


  6. October 6, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Ama Nazra


    Hi Tanya,

    You can exorcise yourself, though its better a priest does it.

    You can tell the demon to leave, it’s not welcome anymore .. that might work, it might not, but you have to do it coolly and calmly, and not with a sense of desperation.

    Boredom is good. Demons feed on our negative energy. Boredom projects the least, is not acceptance .. is ‘you are a mild problem I am going to ignore’ .. maybe I should say just ignore it, but its better just to say ‘I’m over it’, and not accept anything from it, or answer any questions, or let it mess up your life. In other words, place it into the same vacuum (empty space) it is trying to place you in.

    Demons believe in God and Jesus Christ. The Michael Invocation, at the end of this page, is a request for help that I suggest you say once a day, calmly and coolly .. get the message across .. enough is enough.

    God gave humanity authority over demons. Demons know this, but they like us not to .. either know it, or use the authority. It is your life, you want to take it back .. take it back. Get tough, quiet, calm, peaceful .. totally useless to a demon because it gets nothing from you.

    And under that first Michael Invocation link you’ll find a link to the 2nd .. its called Heart of Fire .. use it as well. And lastly, do it from a point of Love. The greatest change comes from trusting Love in your life. And you are very much loved .. that I know for certain. The greatest tests are only given to the strongest people.

    Love & Peace

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