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Cigarette Smoke

I’m very connected person I have a gift of the paranormal. Sometimes I’m woken up by smell of cigarettes been blown in my face so strong I wake up choking.

My 2 nan are passed on. I can’t imagine they do this to me.

Should I be worried?

Many thanks if u can help my question. Love and light.

Asked by Tracey

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Hi Tracey,

What is a gift of the paranormal?

If someone was blowing smoke in my face to try and get my attention, and certainly to try and wake me up, I would not be pleased. What do you want to do about the situation? It sounds more like an idiot ghost than one of your relatives, who we hope would have more manners.

You can use the Michael Invocation, the link is below, to clear your home, and send your smokers into heaven .. best place for them.

Love & Peace