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Cats Strange Behavior

Every time I go to the bathroom my 3 cats RUSH in the bathroom as if they are trying to get there first. My newest cat now a year old has done this as well within about a coupler of months of getting him. I make sure they have water in their dishes so its not wanting fresh water from the toilet they don’t drink from it. They all three act like they are getting something from it. What is going on? This is weird. If I close the door completely they scratch at the door and meow and even fight over who gets there first.

I have a problem with depression and my house is a mess and I rarely pick up my guitar and play and sing. I don’t write poetry like I used to and all around inside I don’t want to do anything.

I’ve tried changing my medicine and its helps for about a month but I go right back to unhappy. But this thing with the cats has escalated. What is it?

Asked by Bivouaco

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Hi Bivouaco

What else do you do apart from hang around the house, do you have a job, go to school or college, go for long walks, go to the library .. learn stuff? Boredom will throw you right back into depression too, if we are not using our minds and hands for productive activities.

The cats .. play games. They love to confuse people. Both my cats are crazy, and if my husband goes in the bathroom without the white cat, when she’s inside, she lies on her back on the hall floor and tries to reach under the door, and complains bitterly until he either lets her in, or comes out of the room. It’s normal behaviour, and I am pretty sure you cat’s behaviours are normal too.

I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear the energy of the house .. then .. clean house, literally. I know how hard it is to do things when you are depressed, but by tidying up around you, removing clutter, washing up .. you change the energy of your home and help to lighten it .. which will help to lighten you too. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose .. except the depression.

And if you don’t work, volunteering is good too. It takes you out of the house, and a change can be wonderful. Giving to others gives to us .. and that can help depression too. Where can you go to volunteer? Check the internet, or even the local council or library, they generally know.

Love & Peace

thank you for the great advice. i do go to school part time. perhaps i should find more to do. i believe you that the cats are playing a game with me. that is in the cats nature. for instance when they are mad that i don’t let them out in the rain, at least one of them will sit on top of my bird cage to taunt me. i will try the spiritual cleaning as well. thanks again.