Black Shadow Figure At End Of Bed

Hi, When I was 6 years old I woke up to see a black shadow type figure at the end of my bed beckoning me to come towards it.  At the time I remember thinking it was my Grandfather who had just passed away but it had a ‘bad’ feeling about it so I don’t think it was him.

I got up and walked towards it but went straight through it.  I went back to bed, scared to death!

I never saw it again but for the whole time I remained in that house I would often have the same paralyzing feeling of this entity in the room with me and it was only ever in my bedroom, nowhere else in the house seemed to have issues.

The room itself also always seemed to be abnormally cold. Please can someone help?

I am 42 years old now and have always wondered what this scary thing was.

Asked by  Ali

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Hi Ali,

A black shadow might be a ghost, or it could be shadow person (they are flat, like shadows on a wall.

I doubt your grandfather would have a ‘bad’ feeling about him, and I think you were very brave, and a bit foolish, to walk towards something that frightened you, and to walk through it .. gives me the chills, literally .. when ghosts walk through me they make me shiver, steal my energy (which makes us feel cold on the inside) and think they are clever, until I use the connection to cross them into healing .. where they won’t have to be thieves anymore.

You don’t say what time of year it was, but when a ghost is around a room will get colder because they take energy from everywhere, but mostly from the living.

You were being haunted, and under those circumstances I always recommend the Michael Invocation to clear the house .. so that others don’t have suffer what you did .. and because it sets the ghost free. The link to the webpage it is on is at the bottom of this page. You can use it anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Love & Peace