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Black Ash And Supernatural Occurrences

We recently moved into an apartment and have been experiencing some strange occurrences. From music randomly starting to play, waking up with scratches and bruises, the feeling of someone crawling into the bed, a black shadow coming at me, finding black ash in my bed, and some more strange things. The shadow felt like a burst of energy coming at me and kinda took my breath away. What could that be?

I couldn’t find any significance to finding black ash online, what could that mean or be?

We’re a bit freaked out about all of these things happening to be honest and would love some answers.

Asked by Amber

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Hi Amber,

Black ash .. is scratchy, obvious, and could come from someone cremated, so perhaps its a sign the ghost uses to make its presence ‘felt’. How much ask were you getting? It should stop once the house is cleared.

The burst of energy that steals your breath, could be the ghost passing through you. The music is not unusual, nor is the dark figure.

The simple solution is to scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home, then use it to clear yourself, and have any other living person in the house clear themselves as well. That should take care of the haunting.

If it continues you can contact us again, we might be able to help more specifically.

Love & Peace

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