Are Poltergeists Demons?

I have heard that they are Demons and they want to possess your body. Is this true?

Asked by Nancy Abbott

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Hello Nancy,

No, poltergeists are not demons. They are an energy form created from accumulated human energy. They usually have no real sense of intelligence, but make a great deal of noise (tapping, scratching, sometimes noises that sound like garbled speech) and like to move things about (and throw things). Demons might behave in such a fashion, to get attention, and so will ghosts, but they are each completely different types of energies.

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Ama Nazra
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I think I have one in my house or a ghost. Some nights. It is really noisey with taping on walls and foot steps. There is a lot of static electricity in my bedroom and some nights I get zapped pretty hard when I get out of bed.
A few years ago I had misty images floating in my bedroom at night. My friend saw them after they formed. Two women and a child. My friend that was sleeping in my bedroom at the time said they didn’t have feet. They kind of levitated at the end of my bed. Later I burnt sage and smodged my house and asked them to leave and I haven’t seen the misty images since, but the tapping, knocking and foot steps is still here.
I thought it might be a poltrgiest, because I live on a Desert and we have a lot of white quartz rock and I had heard that poltergiest hang out around areas that have Quartz rock.

Hi Anonymous,

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home of the noisemaker. It works in all sorts of ways.

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